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“It had been a couple of years since I had gotten Botox. I don’t like needles and I am always nervous that the results will make me look too “fake”. Dr. Jaiswal listened to my concerns and talked to me about how much he was going to use and where he was going to put it. As a result, I got the natural, youthful look that I was wanting. When I first got to his office, there was a lady who had just gotten her lips done by Dr. Jaiswal. They looked amazing and now I MUST get some sexy lips too. I will be seeing you soon Dr. Jaiswal!”

“Dr. Jaiswal is the best! He was really thorough and knowledgeable, and did a great job on my new lips!!”

“Very thorough, meticulous, and thoughtful breast reconstructive surgeon. I highly recommend him to my own patients.”

“I have had my lips done multiple times by Dr.Rhit Jaiswal. I’m in awe of the work he does! His attention to detail and eye for aesthetics is really hard to come by. We have tried different products and every time I’m pleased. I constantly get asked who does my lips.”

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