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//Lake Havasu’s Trusted Breast Augmentation Surgeons
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Mohave Centers for Plastic Surgery is your breast augmentation specialist in Lake Havasu. We bring to Lake Havasu the latest innovations in breast technology and surgical techniques, to give you the firmness and appearance you desire.

Giving You Options

We offer saline, silicone gel, and gummy bear implants and allow our patients to choose among the incisions ideal for those types of implants.

Implant Types

• The “gummy bear” silicone or cohesive gel silicone gives a naturally sloping breast contour, similar to the silhouette of a natural mature breast. It is somewhat firmer than the silicone gel and is less likely to cause rippling than other options.

• Silicone gel implants are the industry’s gold standard for a natural look and feel. Of all the options, they feel the most similar to natural breasts. Although the risk of silicone implant rupture is low, the latest generation of silicone gel implants have a thicker outer shell, adding lower risks of rupture to its list of advantages.

• Saline breast implants give a firm feel and provide precise symmetry. With its price range, it is the most accessible option. They require small incisions to place, leaving short and virtually invisible scars.

Incision Options

We want you to have unnoticeable and almost invisible scars that is why we offer periareolar and inframammary incisions.

The periareolar is done around the lower portion of the areola. The skin in this area heals very well and leaves a very unnoticeable scar. The inframammary incision, on the other hand, is done in the skin beneath the breast. We do this artfully so that it wouldn’t be noticeable when you wear a bikini.

Giving You a Glimpse of Your New Look

We want our patients to be happy with their results that is why we give an implant sizing option. We will discuss with you your ideal size range and let you try and see the different types, shapes and sizes of breast implants.

Helping You Decide and Ensuring Your Comfort

Dedicated to our patient’s well-being, we view patient safety and comfort, as paramount. We want you to be well informed of the effects of each breast augmentation option from implant type to placement options.

Call us on 928 854 5400 for questions or schedule an appointment.

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